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>> Oct 1, 2009

Thank you for joining The Secret Post Club.

Below is the information detailing how it works.  If you have any questions or problems please don't hesitate to contact me.

Happy posting.

How it works
  • You will be matched to both a sender and a receiver each month.
  • These people may be from your country or abroad - you must be willing post abroad.
  • On the 1st of the month I'll send your an email with the details of the person to whom you need to send something.
  • You won't know who is posting you a parcel until it arrives - please don't spoil the surprise by telling the recipient or dropping hints and clues before it gets there.
  • Try to post the parcel by the 15th of the month, although a few days over isn't the end of the world

Sending a parcel
  • Please aim to post the parcel by the 15th of the month (so it has a chance of arriving before the month is out) but if you go over by a few days the world is not going to end. 
  • If for some reason you can't send something that month let me know, the sooner the better:  hsunderland1279@gmail.com
  • When you post the parcel don't forget to include your information, name, blog url, email.
  • You can spend as much or as little as you like on what you put in the parcel, it can be store bought or homemade - you can sew it, knit, write it, bake it, draw it, anything goes. Keep in mind, if you are spending money, someone else may be sending you a much loved book or a home made CD. 
  • Package it well.  Use jiffy bags, boxes, bubble wrap to protect your contents as needed and remember that brown paper rips in the postal system really easily, if you do use brown paper wrap the contents in a carrier bag inside so they don't get wet or damaged and use a lot of tape at the corners and edges and over the address label.
  • If you are posting outside of your customs area (EU, Australia, New Zealand, USA for example) please check that your package meets the customs import regulations for the country it is entering and keep the value low (under about £10) to avoid any import taxes.

Receiving a parcel
  • When you get your parcel please let the sender know it arrived.
  • If you want to blog about what you received feel free - please be kind and link to the person who sent it to you and also back to The Secret Post Club post on my blog so others that see it can join if they want.  You are under no obligation to blog about it if you don't want to.
  • Enjoy it and bask in the warm glow of getting something lovely through the post, there will be another coming next month!
  • If you haven't received your parcel by the end of the month let me know and I'll chase it up for you. hsunderland1279@gmail.com
  • If your parcel goes missing you will have to take it on the chin I'm afraid, these things sadly do happen occasionally. 

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