>> Oct 1, 2009

How to Get More Readers For Your Blog  Guest blogging.  Find new readers and new blogs to read by swapping blogs for the day with another blogger.

Which Is Your Best Blog Post?  A chance to pimp out your best blog post and discover others.

What Makes A Good Blog Post?  8 things to think about when writing your blog posts, plus a myriad of other great ideas in the comments section from other bloggers.  It's always good to know what other bloggers think on this subject as they are the ones reading your blog.

Feeling Excluded From The Blogging Community?  All newcomers to any group can feel a little left out, worried about cliques and not fitting in.  A wonderful and supportive collection of tips and advice with a lot of bloggers adding their tips in the comment section.  A must read for all those feeling left out.

The Tots 100 Index.  If you are worried about your blogging becoming competitive or whether you should put you name forward for the tots100 index, the comments section is stacked full of advice from other bloggers.

Word Verification. A Filth filled Rant.  Why word verification turns readers away from your blog and stops genuine people from commenting. If you really believe that your blog will be awash in spam the second you turn your word verification off you need to read this.

5 Tips For making Blog reading Faster And Easier.  Love reading blogs but hate all the time wasted having to open up blogs to comment, fill in comment forms and add new blogs to Google Reader?  Here are five easy tips to make it easier to read, comment and subscribe to blogs leaving more time for reading and less time spent clicking.

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