Life In Lapland

>> Oct 1, 2009

The Arrival.   In which I arrive at the airport in the middle of a cold winter and nearly die.

Monsters, Isolation And Large cocks. My Second Day In Finland  In which I get accosted by a very odd bloke.

Finnair.  How I hate thee...  Why I hate Finnair.

The Naked Christmas Party.   Where a fat, balding, middle aged man appears at the Christmas party in nowt but a towel, and no-one bats an eyelid.

Scammel wheel Nuts  Saying that it is a little bit cold here in the winter is like saying Paris Hilton is a little bit irritating or my children are a little bit untidy. It is, quite frankly, the understatement of the millennium.

The Parrot Eating Debacle  In which my husband starts snacking on exotic birds.

Making Myself sick With Stupidity.  Some lessons about Finland are just hard to learn.

I know I'm Foreign But...  Living abroad isn't always easy, especially when there is such a language barrier.

Adventures In potato Gathering.  Even the simple things aren't simple in these temperatures.

Fish Cock - A Local Recipe  Kalakukko, directly translated as fish cock (cock as in rooster not male appendage) is somewhat of a local delicacy and tastes a damn sight better than it looks.

A Vlog Tour Of My Farm 

Supermarket Sex Toys.  Would you buy a vibrator from a supermarket?

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