Sunday, bloody Sunday.

>> Oct 24, 2009

  • Chasing Elvi May around the house trying to get her to put some pants on: several hundred calories and a good half portion of the days ration of patience.
  • Getting two mischeivous and wholey uncooperative kids suited, booted, hatted and gloved and outside into the cold: the other half portion of patience, several swear words, one threat of bed and two biscuits.
  • Pushing pram loaded with two kids 3 kms through slush and snow whilst being yanked sideways every couple of minutes by over enthusiastic dog: All of todays and most of tomorrows daily sanity ration, mulitple under breath swear words and many strange looks from more sensible people that chose to drive.
  • Getting to the shop and realising it is Sunday and the shop is actually CLOSED: Priceless.
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