On Breakfast at the Speed of Boy

>> Nov 20, 2009

9.00 Boy comes into kitchen following call for breakfast, runs straight into dog, falls down, crawls under dog and up to table pulling all newspapers off table and onto floor.

9.02 Boy decides to feed himself cornflakes rapping mother on knuckles with spoon.

9.03 Dog very excited about amount of breakfast flying its way.

9.04 Boy gives up on eating and decides painting table with milk much more fun.

9.05 Boy picks last soggy cornflakes out of bowl and decorates table and bench.

9.06 Pleased work is done for another meal time, boy tips over bowl sending remaining milk flying, pops in dummy and leaves kitchen with satisifed look upon face.

9.07 Boy comes back to kitchen doorway and surveys handiwork. Not quite done opens cupboards and empties contents onto floor.

9.08 Finally happy, boy leaves kitchen to try to insert legos into dogs ear.

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