On Joe The JCB

>> Nov 12, 2009

    This is Joe.  Joe the JCB.

      Or so he tells me roughly 587million times every day.  And whilst not the most grating or tooth clenchingly annoying of talking/singing toys in our household, it has got to be in the top three most disturbing.  For me at least.
    Amongst the many scintillating titbits about his life and his passion for construction that he shares with us is the statement 'I was born to dig holes.'
    Is it just me?
    Is there nothing about that statement that bugs you at all?  Because everytime I hear it, and I mean every single stinking time, I find myself muttering, 'Born?  You were born?  You're a JCB, surely you were built.'
    Right now you're rolling your eyes at my analness aren't you? (And quite possibly giggling over the use of the word 'analness').  Go on, you can admit it, it's okay.  But still...can you imagine it?  JCB's giving birth!  How would that even work?  What would the gestation period be?  How do they mate in the first place?
   Am I the only one that now has the image of one JCB trying to mount another in their head?
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