On Weeding Out The Stalkers

>> Nov 27, 2009

About a week ago I was awarded this

by the lovely mum with carrot in her hair.

And I paniced.  I'm expected to write ten things about me. Ten new and interesting things that will dazzle you and astound you or at least stop your eyes from glazing over before you reach the bottom of the post and I'm not sure I can do it.  I mean ten?  Seriously?  I very much doubt that any of them would be that interesting to anyone but myself and so...

...I give you this.  The Five Things About Me Quiz.  Answers on a postcard, or alternatively in the comments section.  The winner gets themselves a restraining order.  I mean it.  Seriously.  Leave me alone and stop following me!  Freak!

1.  The most terrifying thing I have ever driven is:
a.  a helicopter
b. an F1 race car
c. a Ford Fiesta the wrong way down the motorway.
Answer can be found here

2.  The most exciting thing I have ever stolen is:
a. a helicopter
b. an F1 race car
c. a box of paperclips.
Answer here

3.  When I was 15 I:
a. joined a convent
b. ran away from home and got a job in a nightclub
c. wanted to be a stripper when I grew up
Answer here

4.  In my spare time I:
a. write erotic stories for adult magazines
b  am a practicing witch and put spells on all those that don't leave comments on my blog
c. ha ha ha, spare time?
Answer here

5.  I once got arrested for:
a.  fighting
b. stealing a helicopter
c. stealing an F1 race car
Answer here
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