On Word Verification - a filth filled rant.

>> Nov 22, 2009

Do you like people reading your blog? Do you want people to comment, to get involved, to let you know that they like your work, appreciate your story or think it's all a load of old shit?


Then why in the name of all that is fucking good in the world do you insist on making them prove that they are not robots? Really, why do you do it? Do you honestly believe that the second you turn it off your blog will be flooded with spam comments that you just wont be able to keep on top of? No sooner have you deleted one then ten more will appear? Do you think it keeps undesirables out? Stops the would be spammers that are sitting around just waiting for you to turn it off?

No, do you know who it really keeps out? Your readers! The very people you want to comment. After they have clicked on the 'leave comment' link, they then have to fill in their name, email address and blog url (which invariably means they have to open up a new tab, then open up their blog copy and paste the url into the small box because they can never remember the correct amount of slashs and http thingys) then they write their well thought out comment and hit 'submit' button, but that isn't enough for you, is it? You need them to prove they really want to comment. Prove their dedication to your blog, prove that they love you so fucking much that they will do anything to comment.

You make them go through word verification.

If they are lucky they will notice the word verifcation box before they hit the little red square at the top of page and move on to the next blog (do you know how many comments a day I lose by not remembering to wait and check if the blog insists I prove myself to be human?), and then they get the wonderful pleasure of typing out nonsensical letters and numbers. If they are really lucky they wont get one of those horrible black letters on grey background verifications where the letters are all at funny angles and you can't work out whether it is supposed to be a capital letter or not and you get stuck in an endless loop of mistyping untill you give up and angrily close the page vowing never to come back.

And all this because you WANT people to comment on your blog?

For some blogs, those that are at the top of the league that the spam bots hit up regularly, I can almost understand it. Besides which, those blogs don't really care too much about a few readers being turned back when they are getting 100's of comments per post, but for the rest of us I don't understand it at all. I've seen them recently being used on blogs that get maybe one or two comments per post, and one that hadn't had a single comment on any of the posts on the front page. Why are you turning your readers away like this?

Turn them off, I emplore you! I beg you! If you like your readers and want them to stick around and bother to comment then switch the damn things off. Go on try it, just for one week and see what happens. See if you really will be flooded with spam. See if the world really does end or if, as I suspect, very fucking little changes except maybe, just maybe you will get a few more genuine comments.

I hereby declare that I will not, unless I am getting more than ten spam comments a day (because really how much time per day would it take me to delete ten? A few inconvinient seconds?), turn on my word verification. You have my promise, because, dear Reader, I like you. I'd go as far as to say I love you, you validify my blogging, you make me feel that I am good at it, that people give a shit (albeit a small one) about what I say and that I say it in such a way that keeps you coming back. You give me hope dear reader, and a warm fluffy feeling in my tummy. For you and your blogging convinience I shun word verification and I ask you to do the same.

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