The Finger Unveiled -not for the faint hearted.

>> Dec 18, 2009

I am sitting here at my desk poking at the bare bit of skin underneath my middle finger wondering if I will ever get the feeling back in that part of my hand again.  And if I want to. Three weeks ago I slammed my finger in a car door -you can read about it here- after which it looked like this.

One operation later and this was what I was faced with.

Two weeks after that I saw my finger unveiled for the first time. It looked pretty much like the finger of Frankenstein.

And then this morning I got up at the ass crack of dawn, drove to the hospital, sat around for three hours in flimsy, salmon pink trousers and a gown that was not made turning around and bending over in and was finally taken in to have the metal and stitches removed.

They put an intravenous needle into my hand and pumped me full of more drugs (I haven't had this many drugs since that hedonistic six months when I was 16), deadened the finger with a couple of shots of local anaesthetic and then the doctor pulled out a pair of pliers.


I looked the other way quickly. They pulled the metal pins out, snipped out the stitches and wrapped me up. And here I am, seven hours later, poking dubiously at my still numb finger, wondering just how much those gaping holes that run right through my skin and bone are going to hurt when the local anaesthetic wears off.

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