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>> Dec 1, 2009

It is 4 o'clock in the morning. You are sleeping, warm in bed, when something wakes you. Lying there in the dark you suddenly realise that it is too dark, there are no street lights, and you quickly recognise that noise. The unmistakable noise of rushing water. A cold dread hits you knocking the breath from your lungs.

Not again.
At the top of the stairs, peering downwards through the gloom, your worst fears are confirmed. You can just make out the wreckage that was once your life swirling in cold, dark waters around your livingroom.

Oh, god no!
You still morn the lost photos and memories from the last time. The house had only just lost that 'flooded' smell so familiar to those that have lived through one despite all the furniture and the carpets being new.

How can this be happening again? 
You move down the stairs and look around your living room in dismay, hot tears pricking at the back of you eyes.  Water that must be thigh deep fills your home. Furniture floats, tilted, some upside down. Debris everywhere, unrecogniseable objects looming in the dark.

For the first six months after the last flood you kept everything precious upstairs, not trusting anything that meant something to you on the ground floor but you couldn't live like that. Not with that cloud hanging over you. You couldn't squeeze all your things, your life, into the three small upstairs rooms. You had to carry on, live like normal, not in fear. But right now you hate yourself for it. You stand on the stairs watching the waters swirling around your front room, a photo frame floating here, a childs painting plucked by the waters from the front of the fridge, there.

You sit down with a thud, a pitiful moan escaping you mouth. It feels like you heart has imploded pulling your chest inwards as it painfully tries to fill the hole left behind. You curl forwards wrapping your arms around your knees, body shaking with each painful sob, your throat sore, shivering and hugging yourself against the cold.

They're just things. They don't mean anything. We're all safe, we're all still alive.

You try to tell yourself to buck up, that it doesn't really matter but it does. It not about the things, not really, it's about living like this. Living with the threat constantly hanging over you, the hard work you know is to come, the expense, the bitter arguments with the insurance company, the work and the effort involved in clearing up, on putting on a brave face for the kids. And for what? So that it can happen again? When? A few weeks, months, years? Dispair fills your chest, hot tears splash down your face.

It's not fair. It's just not fair!

'Mummy?' comes the voice from the top of the stairs. 'Mummy, I'm scared.'

You wipe at your face, blinking the remaining tears away and straighten up. 'It's okay darling.' You somehow manage to make your voice sound normal. 'You stay there, mummy will back in a minute.' With a last hateful look at the rising water you turn and go to try to comfort your child, trying to ignore the pain and fear that makes you feel as though your body is being ripped down the middle.

Why is this happening to us?

Now close you eyes and offer thanks to whomever or whatever it is that you offer thanks to that this wasn't you, then click here for the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund Auction and help those for whom this isn't just an exercise in imagination.

Heavy rain fall last week caused several rivers in Cumbria to burst their banks flooding over a thousand homes, washing away 4 bridges and costing the region tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage. It caused over 1000 people to be displaced from their homes, 50 people to be airlifted by the RAF, 150 to be evacutaed by the RNLI and the tragic death of 11 people including a police officer trying to help direct people off a damaged bridge as it collapsed.

Bidding is open from 12pm Monday 30th November until 6pm Sunday 6th December. There are also a stack of exciting prizes ready for a charity raffle which will go live later this week.  This fabulous charity auction has been put together by the amazing Kat at Housewife Confidential, the wonderful people at Bambino Goodies and the amazing folk at My Charity Wins.

Thanks to Diary of a Surprised Mum a place to send clothes, toys and care packages so they will reach those affected by the flooding has been found. Send to:
Flood Relief,
Unit 6 & 7 Enterprise Court,
Lakes Road,
Derwent Howe,
CA14 3PY.

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