The Most Terrifying Thing I Have Ever Driven

>> Dec 4, 2009

I just know you are all on the edge of your seat waiting for me to give you the answers to last weeks Five Things About Me Quiz  So, without further ado, I give you the answer to question number one.

The most terrifying thing I have ever driven is:
a.  a helicopter
b. an F1 race car
c. a Ford Fiesta the wrong way down the motorway.

The most terrifying thing I have ever driven is...a helicopter.

When I was 17 I joined The Royal Air Force and trained to be an avionics engineer.  It may seem difficult to believe now, but this woman who spends her day cleaning up poop, yelling at her kids and spouting inane drivel on Twitter used to fix helicopters for a living.  I worked in Northern Ireland on 72 squadron (now disbanded -nothing to do with me, honest) and used to spend my days and nights (we worked horrible shifts) fixing Puma (pictured left) and Wessex helicopters.

As you can imagine, women engineers were quite thin on the ground and to say that I got more than my fair share of male attention would be an understatement. Much to the consternation of the other engineers who'd been there for years, I was offered my first helicopter ride in the co-pilot's seat after only a week.  After plenty of showing off from a pilot who clearly thought he was younger, thinner and less folically challenged than he really was, I was offered the controls.

Exhilarating? Yes.

Terrifying? Yes.

Bloody brilliant?  You betcha.

I even managed to pull some G's.  And didn't kill anyone.  In fact, the one time I nearly died in a helicopter is a whole other story and not at all my fault.

And just to clarify, I have never driven down the wrong way of a motorway in a Fiesta or any other car and sadly I've never had the chance to drive an F1 race car either. 

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