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>> Jan 23, 2010

Calling All Ladies is a brand, spanking new blog by the lovely Nicole, who lost her mum 4 years ago to cancer and now wants to use her time to help raise money and awareness to help others.  Nicole has had a wonderful idea, I'll let her tell you about it herself.

'My fund-raising idea is to make an artistic, highly styled fashion photography book, featuring women from all over the world sharing their stories.  Once I have collected as many stories as possible my idea is to try and photograph as many women as possible, no matter who you are, what size you are or where you come from...if you’re female you can take part.  I just need your stories.

After various emails, phone calls and meetings, Cancer Research UK are willing to back my project idea, helping me with launching and getting in touch with celebrity Cancer Research ambassadors.  As long as I can prove to my local ambassador that I can get 100 stories from different women- and that’s just a starting point.

Once I have collected these stories I can then begin to make my book and work towards raising as much money as possible for Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden Hospital.  Women are so important in our lives and unfortunately Cancer every year affects so many lives.

I know I can't personally find a cure for the disease, but I'm willing to do anything I can to help someone else find one.'
Can you help Nicole raise money for Cancer research?  Do you have an inspiring story about another woman to share?  Someone that has touched your life, someone memorable or amazing that has helped or inspired you, someone to whom you will always be grateful?  This woman can be a friend, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, your boyfriend's sister's cousin's aunt, a pop icon or superstar, absolutely anyone who is female and has made a difference or an impression on you or your life for which you will always be grateful.

Nicole doesn't need an essay or a novel, just a paragraph will do.  15 to 20 lines about another woman that has left a positive mark on your life.

You can contact her via her blog, Calling All Ladies,
Or via Email.

Go over and say hi, welcome her to blogging world, send her a story, share her project with people.  Lets help Nicole get that book full of stories.
'Just by sending me over your story and getting involved with this project, you are already making a difference.  Please pass this on and tell all of your female friends'

As if the idea of helping such a worthy cause wasn't good enough, as an extra linky-love incentive anyone that sends her a story will be linked to from this post, just let me know when you've done it so I can add the link.

Now what are you waiting for, go, write.
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