Favourite Photo Meme: The Log flume of Death

>> Jan 6, 2010

Me (10ish), Sister (6ish) and our aunt.

I don't remember this incident taking place.  Clearly it was so terrifying that I have blocked it from my memory.  I mean, look at it, even our aunt looks petrified and she's an adult.  There must have been something awaiting us at the bottom of that ride and it must have been pretty horrific.  Look at my little sister's face.  That is pure unadulterated terror right there.

But what was it?

Man eating tigers perhaps?

Blackpool's dead come to life and risen from the grave, bent on eating living flesh?


Somebody threatening to make us ride the Wild Mouse, the oldest (built 1958) most rickety rackety, makes you feel like it's all going to fall apart and kill everyone, roller coaster in the park?

Whatever it was, it was bad.  So bad that I have never, and will never get on another log flume again.  I thought I had an irrational fear of log flumes, not roller coasters, just log flumes.  However, thanks to Laura from Are We Nearly there Yet Mummy and Dulwich Divorcee tagging me for this favourite photo meme, I see now that it is far from irrational.  Clearly something terrible happened to me once on Blackpool Pleasure Beach's log flume that has deeply ingrained itself in the survival part of my brain.

If I start having nightmares now, I'm blaming you Laura and Dulwich Divorcee.  I just hope you can live with yourselves for dredging up this horrific experience for me with your flippantly banded about photo meme.

And now to scar some others for life.  I tag:
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Grit from Grit's Day  Because she's hilarious and one of my favourite bloggers.
MrsW from Clinicaly Fed Up Because she's funny and smart and takes great photos.
Chic Mama Because wading through umpteen boxes of old photos might distract her form the biscuits calling from the cupboard.
Iota from Not Wrong just Different because it's been a hard time for her lately and a trip down memory lane may give her some extra inner strength.

Go over to see Tara at Sticky Fingers to find out what it's all about and for the rules and stuff.

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