Missing Those Moments

>> Jan 12, 2010

A hand slides around your waist,
burrowing, searching.
It comes to rest on your hot abdomen just under the waistband.
Another grips your hair softly, teasing.
And then suddenly harder, pulling you back into that firm body behind.
You gasp.
A finger sweeps your hair aside.
Breath, warm and heavy on the back of your neck.
You arch and lean back into the warmth, the hard chest.
The mouth hovers over your skin, savouring.
Anticipation pulls on that string between your stomach and your groin,
You sigh, lips parted.
A low moan in your ear.
You lean your head to the side, neck exposed.
Lips. Firm, delicate, caress your skin from your shoulder to the base of your ear.
Slowly, devouring, tasting.
Your nipples harden.
You wet your lips,
The hand in your hair tugging, pulling you back.
And then you are released, the lips gone, the warm body, vanished.
And replaced with an arm around the waist as he comes to stand next to you.
'What's for dinner?'
You throw him a smile over your shoulder and pick up the knife,
Resume chopping the carrots.

And many more such moments sadly lost to clamouring children and demands for juice.

A writing workshop post for Josie's Sleep is For The Weak.

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