Rose Tinted Luncheon Meat, Anyone?

>> Jan 20, 2010

There are plenty of things I don't understand about spam.   

Why it's called spam, for a start.  Why take the name of a 2nd world war concoction of pig gristle, ears and lips that held fond childhood memories for millions and inspired the prolific Monty Python sketch and use it to name junk emails and messages?  In the pre internet era we never used to call junk mail, spam mail, so where did it come from and why?

Has anyone has ever read through their emails and decided that a complete stranger, whose grasp of the English language is minimal at best, and has contacted them through a questionable medium, is the best person to go to for their pharmaceutical needs?

And what in gods name was the point of that weird poetry type spam, do you remember that, the stuff that just used to have odd sections of poetry and prose stuffed into an email and randomly edited together?

But the things that confuses me the most is this new blog spam I have been getting.  Messages like:

'I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are mistaken. Write to me in PM, we will talk.'

On a post show casing gruesome photos of my bashed up finger.  There was nothing to be mistaken about.  Plenty to squirm over, and wince about as you scrolled hastily down the screen, but not really any point of view over which one could be wrong.  T'was simply a bashed up finger.


'Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.'

On a Technorati claim code post.  Literally just the claim code posted into the body of a blank post.  Was it spam or were they making a rather underhanded compliment about my normal writing abilities and the content of my blog?

There have been many more, equally as baffling and bizarre as the next.

Now don't get me wrong, I understand the point of spam.  I understand that the link they add into the comments drive up the Google rankings of the sites they lead to, therefore make the site more money.  However neither of these comments, nor any of the similar I  have received of late, have contained any real, well, spam.  There is no sell, they are not linked to any email address or website, there's not even a rude word or two or the promise of hot lesbian sex.

They are just odd, pointless, blah.

Dull and colourless.

Maybe I'm just seeing spam of old through rose tinted glasses and it was never as much fun as all that in the first place, but without the promise of some raunchy same sex action or the offer of some dodgy little pills to 'let me drill it to my baby big time', spam just doesn't seem as interesting as it used to.

If this is the best they can manage I might consider turning my word verification back on.

A Writing Workshop post for the fabulous, talented and down right sexy laydee, Josie, at Sleep is for the Weak.
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