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>> Jan 30, 2010

Did you know that wearing make-up can cause your face to get infested with mites?

Okay, so I'm starting to sound like The Daily Mail here and clearly trying to find a reason to justify my make-upless state, but it's true.  Kinda.

A book I won on Twitter, 100 Most Disgusting Things On The Planet, arrived yesterday and completely freaked me out.  Clearly aimed at those with a much stronger stomach than I, like ten year old boys, I should not have started flicking through it whilst eating my lunch.  I thought I was doing pretty well, I got passed tarantulas and the vile way they liquefy their prey before eating it and various revolting kinds of worms without a problem.  I even managed to read the bit about how 'In Cambodia, you can buy large whole roasted spiders at markets to eat as snacks' without puking in my mouth at all (okay that's a lie, I did a bit), but when I got to the bit about eyelash mites, I think my heart actually stopped beating for a while.

I sat, fork full of left over chicken and rice half way to my mouth, reading.

'Imagine a tiny, wriggly creepy-crawly living in the roots of your eyelashes.'

I put the fork in my mouth not really concerned, this was going to be one of those things like worms that some people get if they're not clean, right?

'You probably have quite a few now.'

What!?  The firm pieces of rice in my mouth suddenly took on an altogether different texture as I chewed slowly staring at the book and gagging a little.

'Many children and more than half of all adults, have eyelash mites.'

It can't be true, it just can't.  I swallowed with difficulty, pushed aside my now inedible lunch and went off to ask the great oracle, Google.

Sadly, the book didn't lie.  These mites, 0.5mm long, burrow themselves in to your hair follicles of your eyelashes but can come and creep around, especially at night.  They have tiny mouths and needle like mouth parts and live off dead skin cells and sebum, the oily stuff that makes your hair greasy.  People with oily skin or those that use a lot of make-up and don't wash thoroughly can have the heaviest infestations and there is no way to get rid of them.
So there you go, that's me sworn off make-up and stupid disgusting books forever.


I am trying to resist the urge to go and pull all of my eyelashes out.

The problem is that I can't leave it alone.  I keep picking the damn book up and flicking through it.  I'm going to start giving myself nightmares soon and so I have to take action.  I am going to give the book away.  If you have a small person in your life that adores all things gross or if you just want to freak yourself out, this charming book could be yours.   

Write a blog post about something disgusting that has happened to you or that you have witnessed, link back to this post and leave a link to it in the comments sections here.  You have until Wednesday when I will choose the one that gives me that throw-up-a-bit-in-my-mouth feeling the most and post you a lovely book.

Now go, make me vomit.  And I might just share with you the disgusting story I told on Twitter that made me a winner of this book in the first place.

Fried spider image: Jom D 
Eyelash mite image and info: WorsleySchool
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