What problems do you see with this idea? - Help needed.

>> Jan 14, 2010

Spurred on by the regained confidence and creativity Judith's Room has instilled in me I have a come up with what could be a life changing idea.

As I sit here alone in my house with two kids climbing the walls I am fairly certain than other mothers around the village are doing just the same. Lonely, irritated beyond belief with children and wishing life was somehow different. Surely together we could make it so.

I have had an idea for organising play-dates. A group of parents that would normally be home with their kids wishing they had time to do something else, each taking it in turn to look after a group of children freeing up all the other parents for 4 hours.  Depending on how many kids are involved each parents need only do this once a week or once a fortnight.

Not only would it give each of us the time we need, it would give the children more entertainment and confidence and start to instil a little sense of community between the mothers of the village.

However, I am looking for problems. I mean seriously, I would like you help in pointing out any and all flaws in this plan so that I can think about them and have ideas ready for when I start approaching other mothers. Due to language problems I can not do things as spontaneously as I otherwise would. I need to revise potential words and phrasing before the conversation takes place so that I can both say what I have to say and keep up with the conversation.

When I have all the problems ironed out of it I was going to advertise both in the local shop and the local paper. Nothing concrete just a simple 'want more time to yourself and get to know other mothers? Come here at this time for coffee and a discussion' advert. Or something like.

My concerns are: legality - size of groups for one adult. Although I don't know if this is a problem as it not a payed service, just one friend looking after another's kids like a birthday party would be.

and, well that's it for now although I'm sure there should be others.

Please let me know what you think and what problems or objections you foresee or ideas thoughts you have about it.

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