Adventures in Potato Gathering

>> Feb 10, 2010

Yesterday I ran out of potatoes.  Not to worry, I'll just nip to the cellar and get some more.  But before I could go down there though, I was going to need some supplies.

Ski pants, ski coat, hat, gloves, wellies and a shovel.

You see, our cellar isn't conveniently located underneath out house, but inconveniently under another house that has been long since demolished.  Which means that basically our cellar is in the middle of a field of deep snow off the side of our yard.  And what with the heavy snow fall and strong winds recently, the old path I'd made through the drifts had been completely obliterated.

I forced my way through the often meter deep snow,  thighs aching, body hot under so many clothes and feet getting damp with all the snow that was falling inside my wellies.  Panting and gasping, I arrived about five minutes after the dog.

Oh fuck.

Good job I remembered that shovel.

Some time, and about ten buckets of sweat later, the door was finally clear.

Notice dog conspicuous by its absence.  It had got bored and gone in search of rabbits.

Now all I had to do was get the frozen lock open, fill my bucket with potatoes whilst avoiding the mouse traps and trudge back home.

Oh, and find that damn dog.

Next time I think I'll just go to the shop.

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