And the winner of the most revolting story is...

>> Feb 21, 2010

We had three truly disgusting entries.

Pippa, from A Mothers Ramblings actually made me puke a little in my mouth with a story about French kissing her dog.

Jo Beaufoix with this vile thing she pulled out of her plug, complete with photos.

And Kelly from A Place Of My Own left my imagination reeling when she told me the worst thing she'd eaten was a live snail.

Which was the worst, which made me feel the most unwell?  I have to go with Pippa, just the idea of someone letting them put their dogs tongue in their mouth was enough to send me running for the toothbrush.  Ants, slugs and snails be damned, the dog story was the most toe curling for me.

Congratulations Pippa, I have your address already, so I shall pop these in the post to you next week!

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