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>> Feb 28, 2010

Guest blogging.

Guest blogging is when you write a post for someone else's blog and they write one for yours.  You get to reach their audience and get to know another blogger better and they in return get to reach your audience.

Erica from Little Mummy, she of the Muumy Blogger E-course fame (which I thoroughly recommend by the way), is organising a guest post day for Friday giving everyone the chance to guest post on someone else's blog.

The way it works is simple.

Go to Erica's guest post day post, and leave a comment saying you'd like to be involved.

On Tuesday 2nd March, Erica will post a list of who is matched up with who.

It is then up to the two people involved to arrange the swapping of posts.

The big day to post them on your blog will be Friday 5th March.

I've signed up, so have a lot of other bloggers, both big and small, established and new.  It is open to everybody, so why not give it a go?

Tips For Guest Posting

1. Read the blog you are matched up with.

2.  Speak to the blog owner - what are their rules on swearing, banned topics etc.  Remember it is still the other persons blog and they need to be happy with what you are posting.

3.  Think what your rules for them posting on your blog will be.

4.  Write the best post you can.  This post is an advertisement for both you and your blog to potential new readers.

5.  Ask each other to proof read for those annoying spelling mistake we can never see in our own work.

6.  Include a link to your guest posters blog in your post.

7.  Decide on a commenting strategy.  Will you reply to the comments left on your post at the other blogger's blog?  Is that okay with your host blogger?

8.  Spend some time following links of people that comment both on your post at the other persons blog and any new faces you see coming to your own blog.  Go and read their blog, leave a comment, be sure to tell them how you found them - you may find some great blogs to read and they may well become subscribers to yours.  Going that extra step and reaching out to them is what will help people decide whether or not they want to get to know you and your blog.

9.  Enjoy it!

So, will you be joining in?  Do you have any other tips or thoughts on guest blogging?

***Exciting Vlogging News Coming Tomorrow!***

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