Is 30 Too Young To Be Growing Old Gracefully?

>> Feb 4, 2010

I flicked my hair, turning this way and that in the mirror, and smiled at my reflection.  It was a good cut, she'd done a really nice job.  I turned my head again trying to see if from all sides, admiring my new 'do'.

- What the Fuck?

I gasped, incredulous, my mouth hanging open slightly as I tilted my chin down and leaned in for a closer look.  Grey hair.  Not just one, I could count four.

-  No!

My hands leapt up and started sifting through the thick hair up there, tussling it.

- Jesus.

More and more of them were coming to light.  I started going through the hair with my fingers, singling out the grey ones and pulling them out, but every time I did the cruel fluorescent light above highlighted three more.

I forced myself to stop pulling - I didn't want to be grey and bald - and stood staring at reflection fighting down the urge to sob.

This was two months ago.  Since then I've discovered more and more, all centred in one area, above my fringe in the parting.  I am lucky enough to have very thick hair and so even though I can count about twenty you can't really see it unless under fluorescent light.  At least I don't think you can, perhaps I'm just kidding myself, after all I can't see the top of my head, can I?  It could be they are always brightly visible, drawing attention to themselves like a neon light flashing over my head calling 'getting old, getting old.'

I'm only 30.  I don't think having a few grey hairs ages my appearance past my 30 years (the spots should certainly go some way towards making me look younger), but what if it does?

What should I do?

What would you do?

Is it true that if you pull one out three more grow back in its place?

Should I run hell for leather to the hair products isle and buy some dye?

Or should I just leave it, grow old gracefully?

Is 30 too young to be thinking about growing old gracefully?


A writing workshop post for the tiny mouthed but big hearted, Josie, at Sleep Is For The Weak.

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