The Marshmallow Stuffers: A round up.

>> Feb 2, 2010

Last Tuesday, feeling a little bored, I decided to video myself stuffing as many marshmallows into my face as I could and tagged Josie at Sleep Is For The Weak and Vegetimevix to do the same.

As I posted the vlog I had a sinking feeling that they would just laugh and tell me to get stuffed.  Stupidly Thankfully they didn't and rose magnificently to the challenge.  Since then more and more wonderful bloggers and their husbands have been throwing their hats into the ring.

Not wanting you to miss out on any of these amazing marshmallow moments, I have listed them all below.  If I've missed you out let me know and I'll add it to the list.

This is my initial vlog post: How Many Marshmallows Can I Fit In My Mouth?  I did mange 10 but to be honest my Finnish marshmallows are a little puny compared to the British ones.

Josie was next off the mark with this pitiful brave attempt with just 4.

Vegemitevix managed an impressive number, at 8 very large marshmallows.

Tagged by Josie, Karin from cafebebe wasn't shy about joining us making tits of ourselves in our worth while endeavour and combined it with a little education as well. managing a fair 5.

Feeling rather sheepish at her four, Josie somehow talked her husband, @legobloke, into giving it ago.  And a very impressive 11 it was too.

Also challenged by Josie, Kathryn at I Know I Need To Stop Talking wowed us all with her enormous gob and got 12 huge marshmallows in there.

Not to be outdone, Karin's husband then stepped up to the plate with a whopping 12 as well.

To which @legobloke refused a rematch blaming his wife.  Typical!

Confident in the size of her husbands gob, Claire from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly got Phil to man up, and he managed an enormous 14!

Sandy from Baby Baby felt inspired to give vlogging a go when she realised that didn't have to be all about poise and make-up and managed a very classy 8.

Muddling Along mummy also couldn't resist the draw of stuffing your face on camera but only managed four.  Although, unlike the rest, she did at least eat them afterwards instead of spitting them out.

And Charlotte from MissSearles leapt onto the bandwagon pretending she'd been dragged on by moi and managed a rather impressive 10

Who is next?

Will this hideous abomination on vlogging continue?

Will the blogosphere ever forgive me for starting this?

Will anybody ever beat Phil's 14?

Will Karin from Cafebebe really send me some large UK marshmallows to give it another go?

Stay tuned to find out more...
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