Tots 100 Index: to know, or not to know?

>> Feb 1, 2010

'Go on, do it.  You know you want to.'

'No, it's silly.  It's all daft, I don't care anyway.'

'You do so care!  Go on, you want to know, just do it!'

'No!  I don't care.  I mean, I do but I don't think I want to know.'

'Liar, liar, pants on fire.'

'I am not!  Okay, maybe I want to know but I'm not sure it's healthy to know.'

'For God sake woman, it's just a bit of fun.'

'Exactly!  It's supposed to fun and doing it could make it not fun.  I wont even be on it anyway.'

'You might.'

'No, I wont.'

'Yeah, you're right.  But you could be on it.  If you worked a bit harder, networked, did more self-promotion, more carnivals and memes.  You could get on there.'

'Exactly.  I don't want to do that stuff.  I just want to blog.'

'You've got no ambition, you haven't.'

'It's just a blog.'

All this because I found out that you have to put your name forwards to be included in the Tots100 index, the list of the top 100 UK parenting blogs, which is open, it seems to UK expats as well.

Before I knew that such a list existed I didn't care how I was doing, how I rated against other blogs.  I mean really, what does it matter if you're not doing it for money.  And I'm not.  Unless someone wanted to swoop in and give me a new computer, car or a free nanny, I'm not really interested in all that jazz.

So why do I care?

There is this part of me, (does it live in all of us?) that wants to be rated, graded and ranked.  Wants to see how I measure up, what I'm doing right and wrong, how I can improve.  And then there is another part of me that feels sick at the thought of it.  Blogging is about friendship and connecting with people and you don't rank and grade how well you are doing at making friends, or actively try to improve the number or quality of them, do you?

I worry that if I did know it would taint everything I did on my blog, that it would all become, in one way or another, about getting onto that list, building up Technorati ratings or links or some other nonsense that wasn't to do with simply talking to you guys.

I worry that after a while, when I had exhausted myself trying to improve my rating or get on the list, that blogging would become 'work', something I avoided doing.  That I would want to un-know how I was doing on that list and go back to simpler times.

And yet, that nagging voice in my head keeps urging me on to put my blog name forward, just to see.  I wouldn't have to do anything about it, I could just see out of interest, couldn't I?

It could be a slippery slope.

What do you think?  Those that haven't put their blog names forward, why not?  Are you afraid of similar things, worried that you will spend to much time and energy trying to improve your ranking or get on the list?

Those that have already submitted their blogs or are already on the list, did it change the way you blog, the way you think about blogging?  Has there ever been a time when you wish you didn't know about the list or where you came on it?  Or has it been great knowing and seeing where you come and how you are doing?

I'm not trying to open up the big argument again, just trying to sort through it all in my own head, figure out if it would it be worthwhile doing or just something extra to worry over.

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