Will You Be My Secret Friend?

>> Feb 5, 2010

The joy of seeing a hand written envelope or parcel that is neither a bill nor someone trying to sell you something.

The excitment as you open it.  What is it?  Who is it from?

The rush to devour the contents, skim read the letter to find who has sent it to you.

And the warm happiness as you sit down and leisurely take it all in, often re reading parts of the letter or turning over the small gift in your hands.  A fuzzy happiness that someone out there thought of you and bothered to send you something, that a few days ago they were thinking of you and reached out to touch your life in some little way.

Everyone loves to receive unexpected gifts or letters, but how many of us do these days?  And how many of us are guilty of not doing the reaching out in the first place?

I know I am.

As a teenager my best friends and I wrote to each other all the time, and it was such a lovely feeling, knowing that you were in that person's thoughts right then, even though you weren't with them and were probably sitting at home eating your tea or watching Eastenders at the time.  And yet as the years have passed and email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter have replaced all that, it feels like we are missing something, like something is being lost.

And I want to regain that, I wonder if you do too.

I was thinking, if anyone was interested, of setting up a sort of secret santa style club.  Each month everybody 'picks a name out of a hat' (aka is randomly assigned a name) and then they simply post something to that person.  It doesn't have to cost anything apart from the postage.  It could be a letter, a recipe, a book you have finished reading and would like to pass on.  You could knit, sew, bake or craft something, if that is your bag.  Or of course go out and spend a couple of quid - it is entirely up to you.  And of course, in return, you'll get something from the person who has pulled out your name.

A once a month connection with two bloggers (one that posts to you and one that you post to) you may have spent hours talking to over the internet or who are perhaps completely new to you.  A great way to meet new online people and form closer bonds with those you already know.

What do you think?  Are you interested?

If so can you please fill in this form and I'll get back to you very soon
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