The Worlds Hairiest Mummy Blogger?

>> Feb 18, 2010

With hairs on my fingers and hairs on my toes,
I frighten small children wherever I go.
My legs are like footballers,
All covered in fur.
My arm pits a mess
Of dark prickly hair.

Hairs on my forearms and hairs on my hands
The hairiest mummy blogger in all of the land.
I hide them in jumpers 
With long woolly sleeves
And thank God you can't see 
Through my computer screen.

The hairs on my top lip make me look like a man
A job in the circus could easily be mine 
With over-grown eyebrows
In need of a pluck
It's very tempting to say,
Ah who gives a fuck

Why does society always demand so much
Why must we shave, wax, sugar and pluck?
Why is natural 
No longer allowed
And damn it why am I
So well hair endowed?

A writing workshop post for the lovely Josie over at the gorgeous, shiny new looking, Sleep Is For the Weak

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