Young At Heart Photo Album: The Sister Wars.

>> Feb 11, 2010

Me and my little sis, Laura, circa 1983

My sister and I used to fight like cat and dog.  Contrary to how it looks in the photo, we very rarely got along.  Mostly this was my fault.  I was four when she was born and extremely jealous.  I always thought she got more attention than I did, more love, more stuff, and our parents always took her side.

Looking back now, I doubt very much any of this was true -my mother has always made a point of giving to us equally and even now, if she has loaned my sister money or bought her something, she admits it to me guiltily promising to do something for me.  No matter how much I tell her it doesn't matter, she still feels this guilt if she doesn't spread herself equally between the two of us- however as a child we just don't see things like that.

I was mean to my sister, I pushed her around, took her toys and blamed her for every wrong thing I did  -can you see how perhaps my parents were right to assume her innocence much of the time?  One memorable example was a summers day when we were helping our mother wash the car.  

I was bored and wandered back to the garden, entertaining myself by jumping on and off the end of the slide.  It wasn't long before a loud crack had my mother running into the back yard to see what had happened.  There I stood, shocked into still silence, a piece of the slide having broken away beneath my feet.

My mother's face clouded over and I knew I was for it.

'It was Laura!'  I blurted out, to save myself a telling off.

Unsurprisingly my mother, who had been with my sister washing the car the whole time, went ballistic and I spent the rest of the day sent to my room, wailing and bemoaning how it was always me that got in trouble and how everyone always took Laura's side.

This sort of behaviour pretty much carried on until I was around 17 and started taking my 13 year old sister out drinking with me.  Yup, that was me, always the responsible one, but it did close that rift in our relationship, and we've been good friends ever since.

So there you have it, ladies and gents, if your kids are fighting and you just can't seem to make them get along, send them to the pub together.  A few drunken puking incidents fixes all sibling problems.

This photo post was brought to you via a tag from Victoria at It's A Small World After All.  She tagged me  with Tara from Sticky Fingers' Young At Heart Photo Album meme, the aim of which is to create a giant album of photos across the ether.  But these baby/toddler/youth photos aren't of your children - they are of YOU.

Tara from Sticky Fingers,

have already shared photos and stories with us, who will be next?  You have to guess.

Who is this floral tiara wearing beauty?

She will be posting her Young at Heart photo and story tomorrow, and revealing another blogger's childhood photo for you to guess at.

See if you can guess who it is before you click through.

The clue is in the head gear.

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