10 Things I Don't Give A Fuck About

>> Mar 5, 2010

1.  Whether people breast or bottle fed/feed their children.  As long as they feed them something I think they're pretty good parents.

2.  What car you drive.  Nope, sorry, just don't care.  Have no interest in cars and couldn't care less how many whatsits to the gallon it gets, fancy gizmos or cup holders it sports.  Yawn.

3.  Celebrities.  Who they are, who they are shagging, or not shagging, what they wear, what their houses look like, nothing, none of it, zip, nada.

4.  Whether you think I am too fat, too thin, to tall, too short, to young, too old.  These things are all your issues, not mine and I refuse to let you make them mine.

5.  What pathetic excuses you come up with for thinking its acceptable to open a sentence with 'I'm not racist, but'.

6.  Whether you think my 3.5 year old ought to be out of nappies at night.  She's not.  Deal with it.

7.  Same goes for drinking out of a sippy cup at home.  Her, not me.

8.  And her being naked all the time.  Again her, not me.  You don't like naked, don't come to our house.

9.  What the Daily Mail says. - this one is a work in progress.

10.  Whether you think my aspirations to make money from my writing and blogging are stupid or misplaced.  I don't care any more, I'm so over it.

What has pissed you off recently?  What do you just not give a fuck about?

**I do how ever give a fuck about your vlogs.  Have you made yours for Just Vlog It, yet?**

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