And The Just Vlog It Winner Is...

>> Mar 13, 2010

After two days of furious voting we can finally anounce the winner to March's Just Vlog It Challenge and the winner of a Slanket...

...drum roll please....


**much cheering and applause**

You are now the proud owner of a slanket!

A huge thank you and congratulations also goes to our runner up, Pippa, at A Mother's Ramblings for her wonderful laundry folding video which had me actually seeking out t-shirts to fold just to try it out!  Really, it was amazing, if you haven't seen go over and watch it!

Ladies please take a bow and collect your badges from below to proudly display in your sidebar.

Come back here on monday for a carnival of all entries for March's Just Vlog It 'teach us something' challenge.  A new challenge with exciting prizes will be announced at the beginning of next month!

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