Caught Green Handed

>> Mar 5, 2010

A guest post by the wonderful, talented, mother to three and -oh my god she's training to run the London Marathon- Family Affairs who blogs at Family Affairs And Other Matters about her kids, marathon training, current affairs, divorce and anything else that takes her fancy.

OMIGOD!  I'm so embarrassed.

A GORGEOUS man has just knocked on my front door. Apparently somebody in my top room has been shining a laser beam into their sitting room from miles away and he has found it really annoying.

I tried to look really shocked, like I knew nothing about it. I apologised profusely and told him that I would have serious words with my son. I wonder how he knew it was coming from my house. I thought there was no way we would be found out.

A few days previously I had been up in my son's room and he showed me his new green laser light pen.

"Look how far it can go mum" he said shining it out of the window.  "You can beam it into other people's sitting rooms".

So I had a go and indeed aiming it into a room so far away I could barely see it lit up the whole room in an eerie green glow and lit up the TV.  It was really quite fun.  However, after having a little go, I tried to take the responsible parent stance and told him it was dangerous and inapropriate behaviour.

So when gorgeous man appeared I was mortified and could hardly tell him it was me that was the delinquent of the family.  I then went into the sitting room where son was looking vaguely sheepish and told him VERY LOUDLY so the man at the door could hear not to do that ever again and he said, "well you encouraged me".

Great. That will teach me.

Isn't she super?  

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