Do You Ever Wish Your Life Was More Interesting?

>> Mar 9, 2010

Nope there will be no tales of naked bodies or supermarket sex toys today. (At least not tales I will be telling as this is a guest post by Susie from NewDayNewLesson.) I know that may not go over too well seeing as Heather has gotten all of us accustomed to her hilarious tales from the lax (as opposed to uptight) country of Finland. The country where it seems everything goes.

It was actually her entertaining stories and the following she has gathered that got me thinking. I have no cool and amusing stories about naked sauna parties or supermarket sex toys so I found myself wondering whether the lifestyle I grew up and live in makes me a less interesting person and less entertaining blogger. It was a question I asked myself once again when I read Vicki's very entertaining story on her blog Vegemitevix about going From Lover to Mother and Back and again yesterday reading Very Bored In Catalunya's post on Personal Grooming.  All these stories are ones that with my upbringing and life I just don't have firsthand experience of.

I am Jewish and I was raised in a religious orthodox manner. I was not raised Hasidic although my maternal grandparents, uncles and aunt are. My life was relatively sheltered because aside from my actual upbringing I also *gasp* grew up before the age of internet and cellphones. (On a side point isn't it amusing to watch old films and see people in mortal danger and wonder they don't have a cellphone handy to save the day? Well that was my life.)

I lived a sheltered life. I don't think I really got to know anyone who was non Jewish before I got to College. (BTW-what is the difference between College and University?) Actually if I want to be really accurate, I don't think I even knew any non observant Jews either until College.

So I grew up sheltered. In a world where premarital sex and flings were a no-no. Cursing was frowned upon. We had our own sets of rules. We kept our friendships to people of our own religion. For good and for bad.

In the twenty years since, I have not been as sheltered. The TV and the internet play a big part in that as well as my schooling and my work. I got married at 19 and yes, I was never with anyone else. Neither was he. We have acquaintances and friends both Jewish and non-Jewish. I have met some really amazing women over the internet in the past 3 years from different countries and all different walks of life. Those conversations with them has enhanced my own personal world.

So why is it that when I see an entertaining and fun blog like Heather's, I wonder whether I have missed out on something in life. Why is it that I start to second guess myself and my own personal values? I will even admit that I can at times be a bit envious about the openness and the lack of inhibitions other bloggers have in expressing themselves openly about things that would not be acceptable in the society I live in. I have no problem reading the stories, laughing at them until tears streak down my eyes, and reading posts with curse words. I have even been known in anger to curse quite a bit in real life. (*Hangs head in shame*)

It was something I have been thinking about and giving a lot of thought to. Then it occurred to me and I realized something. We don't all have to be the same. Different can be different, it doesn't mean it is better. It just means it is different. The diversity in this world, as long as we all respect each other is really what makes the world go round.

So Heather and Vicki, I will continue to read your superb posts that make me laugh. Probably even more so because it may not be things I myself have ever done or experienced. And I will learn to see the world through your eyes and enjoy it for that. Thank you for opening up the world to me a bit more and showing me how even though people are different, they can also deep down be the same.

So what do you think? Do you ever wish you had led a more interesting life?


I feel a need (actually my husband feels the need) to have me clarify that I am in no way the "Saint Susie" that I appeared to have portrayed myself as. He has also pointed out that he is no Rabbi Mark and that I have not been his only girlfriend. (I was the only special one? Right hun?)

Who is Susie?

I am happily married and a mother of 5 children ages 3-19. I was born in New York and I moved to Israel almost 20 years ago with at the time 1  1/2 kids. I work part time as an ER nurse and full-time as a mother and wife and all the jobs that go along with that. (Although since I started blogging my house is not exactly as clean as it was used to be being.)

A little less than a month ago I discovered blogging. Some would say it was just a midlife crisis seeing as I had recently turned 40. I see it as finally listening to my true self. I blog at New Day New Lesson about finding a positive lesson in our lives every day. My goal in blogging is to get people thinking about their role in changing their outlook on their life. If I manage to help even one person, it is time well spent.

Thanks to Heather for letting me use her blog to express myself on a topic I would not necessarily address on my own blog, you know because of me being a prude and all. :-)
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