Do You Friday Follow?

>> Mar 16, 2010

I hate Follow Friday, or #fff, as it's come to be known in this house (you can probably guess what the extra F is for).

**for those that don't use Twitter this post will probably make cock all sense to you and your time would be better spent defuzzing your hairbrush or picking the dog hairs off the sofa than it would reading this.  Just so as you know.**

I like, nay, love the idea behind #ff.  The loveliness behind telling everyone who your favourite tweety people are and urging them to give them a follow.  I love how community building and growing it can be. How nice to hear that someone likes you enough to recommend you to their friends.

But that's not what it's become about any more, is it?

It's now about churning out list after list of people you follow either
a. in the hope that they will reciprocate
b. reciprocating the ones that have included you because you feel guilty and then realising that if you do those ones you have to do a load more as well and your heart sinks as the hour disappears in a haze of furious #ff typing.

Plus it's a complete and utter load of bollocks, isn't it?  How many times have you ever looked at a list like this

#ff @twitteruser @anotherone @randomdudeIdontknowbutwanthimtoreciprocate @someoneifeelimustincludecausetheyllsulkotherwise @someoneelse

and thought, hey, that third on the list dude there looks awesome, I'll add him to my list.

I'm guessing never.

And because I hate those ones so much I tend to write ones like this

Follow @MissSearlescouk  now or I'll come and beat you around the head with a broken ski pole


If you're not following @vegemitevix then you must be a loser cause she's awesomeness personified.

Which are much more interesting to read and show that the person they are talking about might be someone you'd be interesting in following but they take time, and unless you spend all day writing them, you can't write them for all the people you love and someone's gonna get left out.

And quite frankly, I can't be bothered.

So I've decided to call time on it.  I'm not doing Friday follow any more and I refuse to feel guilty about it, life's too short.


I do still love you.
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