I Am Wallpaper

>> Mar 19, 2010

I am wallpaper

I am a confused smile

I am a blank expression and a thousand yard stare

I am the one you don't want to be left alone with

I am the one with the uncomfortable silences

I am no longer the life and soul

I am not the fun one or the funny one anymore

I am the one that is difficult to speak to

I am the one that is good for practising your English on

I am the one that you can complain about your family and friends to, after all, who am I going to tell?

I am the one that you tell about your nights out with friends

I am the one that tells herself it doesn't matter that she never gets invited

I am the one that pretends it's okay that she doesn't have friends

I am here but you don't really see me

I am wallpaper, nice to meet you.

I'm sorry it was so sad and navel gazing but since reading Vix from vegemitevix's post, Who Are You, yesterday I felt the need to get this off my chest.
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