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>> Mar 9, 2010

**This is a sticky post - it is stuck to the top of the front page so that people can find the Just Vlog It rules and theme easily.  My more recent posts appear below it on the front page.**

The theme for the first Just Vlog It competition for the chance to win a Slanket is:

Teach Us Something!

That something can be anything you like.  It can be silly, funny, serious, impart some great wisdom, absolutely anything. Just please keep it to below 4 mins long (a little over is acceptable but under is better :) )

To enter Just Vlog It and win a Slanket

1. Make a vlog based around the theme Teach Us Something.

2. Post it on your blog and link to Cafe Bebe.

3. Email the url of your post to justvlogit@hotmail.com before midnight (UK) Tuesday 9th March.

4. On Wednesday Karin from Cafe Bebe and I shall pick the best two

5. On Thursday voting begins.  Both vlogs shall be posted at Cafe Bebe where the blogging public get to vote on their favourite.

6. Voting closes midnight on Friday 11th March and the winner will be announced over the weekend

7. All entries shall be included in a great vlogging carnival here on Monday 15th March.

Not sure what to vlog about?  Looking for some inspiration?  Have a look at these great vlogs, all of which teach us something.

Karin's vlogging tips is a good place to start.

Pippa's recent Disney dancing teaches us why she never became a prima ballerina

The vlog tour of my farm imparts some interesting local knowledge

Now what are you waiting for?  Get vlogging!

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