Just Vlog It Top Two Announced!

>> Mar 11, 2010

The number of videos we received was overwhelming - 20 in all.  And the quality? Wow.  I was blown away by the creativity, thought, time and effort so many of you put into making these. 

Karin and I spent a good part of yesterday watching your 'teach us something' videos, trying to decide who the top two should be.

We talked about it, debated, argued, stamped feet, pulled hair and sulked.

Several hours, and few tantrums, later we had our decision.  

But before I send you over to Karin's place to see who the top two are and to cast your vote, I would like to thank you all for joining in and remind you that it is all just a bit of fun and really not worth getting upset if you aren't in the top two.  

We did talk about having a top four, but couldn't decide on those either.

All entries will be featured in a carnival here on Monday so you will get a chance to watch them all then.

And there is always next months Just Vlog It challenge to look forward to if you are not chosen this month.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the top two 'teach us something' videos for March's Just Vlog It at Cafebebe.  Go on over, watch and vote for your favourite.

*Ducks for cover*
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