Knock My Bitch Up

>> Mar 20, 2010

Balanced precariously on the top of a ladder, my husband peered through the frosty window into the dark room beyond.

'Nothing yet,' he called down and then turned his attention back to the window, cupping his hands around his eyes so he could get a better look.

The guy standing at the bottom of the ladder frowned up at him.  'Let me have a look'

Reluctantly my husband gave up his position and let the other guy climb the ladder to peer through the glass at the ongoing courtship.

They swap position every few minutes, laughing and sniggering about...well, to be fair it could have been about anything as it was too rapid fire Finnish for me to follow, but I'm sure it's not stuff they would want their children to hear.

Couple of bloody perverts.

I tutted and walked off to wait in the car.

What is wrong with these two?  Is this anyway to behave?  They're like hormonal teenagers watching their mate through a hole in the fence whilst he snogs and feels up his girlfriend.

Beyond the window that they were steaming up with their breath like a couple of peeping toms, is an empty garage and a couple that have only just met and yet are expected to get it on and do the business right there on the cold hard floor.

Not really my idea of a great first date.

Not hers either it seems, as they came away shaking their heads.

'We'll leave them in there for the night.  I'll pick her up tomorrow,' my husband says as he starts the car.

'We're just going to leave them there?  Over night?'

'They'll be fine,' he says in his exasperated 'bloody city folk' voice.

And they were.  Well, if the spring in her step and wag in her tail were anything to go by the next day when she got home.  The dirty stop out.

The jury is still out on whether this bitch is truly knocked up yet though.
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