My First Naked Party

>> Mar 2, 2010

'Come on, we go sauna now.'  my hostess said, standing in front of the bathroom door gesturing to me to go in.

I glanced around the living room, confused.  Everyone else was standing up, all making their way to the bathroom door.  

-What all of us?  

There were at least 10 people in the room, men and women, none of whom I knew.  In fact the only person I sort of knew was the hostess who'd very kindly invited me to her party to help me get to know a few people.  It wasn't going well.  Mostly they stood around chatting in a strange and brash sounding language, ignoring me or asked a couple of awkward questions about how I was liking Finland before moving off to a safer distance from the strange foreign girl.

Now however, I seemed to be the center of attention.

All eyes were on me, everyone waiting at the bathroom door, quite a few with grins on their faces.  They were enjoying this.

My suspicion raised I slowly made my way to the bathroom.

-What is going on?  Are they trying to trick me into something?

'Come on. It is nice and warm.  Here, have more wine.' she reached out and topped my glass up from the bottle she was holding and ushered me through the door, the rest of the guests following closely behind.  We all squashed into the large tiled bathroom.

'Umm, what...'  I stood confused in the middle trying to figure out what was going on but suddenly everyone was busy.  I looked around again and nearly dropped my wine glass.

They were busy all right.  Busy getting naked!

My eyes leapt from one naked body to another as people bent over to remove socks and pull trousers off, naked butts flashing in front of my eyes.  I gasped and averted my eyes, trying to find a safe spot to rest them but every inch of the bathroom was filled with naked flesh.  Strange and not always pleasing to the eye, naked flesh.

-What the fuck is going on?

My head filled with flashes of strange rituals you see in dark films about cults.  Burning candles and dripping wax.  What the hell had I walked into here?  I started to back slowly towards the door.

'Come on.  You have to take your clothes off.'  My hostess appeared in front of me, pert breasts right in my line of sight.  'You can't go in sauna in your clothes.' She said laughing, the others around her joining in. 

The bathroom was now full of naked people all standing around me laughing.  It was like the opposite of that being naked in school nightmare.

'Umm, right, yes.' I muttered, still not sure what was going on but too embarrassed to ask.  I looked down at my clothes and then again at the nakedness of everyone else.  They weren't kidding, were they?  They really expected me to take all my clothes off.

I sighed and looked for somewhere to put my wine glass.  There was a cabinet by the door, I leant forward to put my glass down, accidentally brushing something with my hand.  I looked at what it was.

-Oh my god!  I have just touched a stranger's cock!  

There it was in front of me, just sort of hanging in my way.  I snatched my hand back and apologised, my face burning, horrified.  But he didn't seem to have noticed, just carried on walking towards the sauna door.  I stood staring at my hand, open mouthed, wondering if it would seem rude to wash it, lost in a confused daze.

'Come on.' my hostess was starting to get impatient.  Not surprising really since she was standing around naked and probably freezing.  

-Oh god.

As the room started to empty, everyone piling into the sauna, I bit my lip and started to unbutton my top.

-I can't believe I'm doing this.   

Just two people remained.  My hostess and another woman whose name I couldn't remember standing at the door to the hall.  Was she really standing there to block my escape or did it just feel that way?

I piled my clothes on top of the counter and turned around, naked.  Through the steamy glass sauna door I could just make out the flesh coloured shapes of my fellow sauna goers.  I clutched my wine glass harder, my finger tips turning white.  I would rather have eaten my own toe nail clippings than climb inside there.

With a deep breath and fortifying swig of wine I opened the door and walked in.  The inside was all wood, benches raised up on legs and reach by steps lining three of the walls, a sauna stove covered in stones in the middle.  The benches were filled with people lounging around, chatting and drinking, men with their legs spread, everything on display.

I averted my gaze and head down, walked to a far corner, up the steps and sat down, mortified.  What kind of fresh hell was this?  For a good ten minutes I stared silently at the wooden wall ahead of me, glad of the excuse the heat gave me for my bright red face.  I just couldn't get over how, well, naked everyone was.  It was only the thought of having to walk past them all again that stopped me bolting for the door.  

My wine glass quickly got drained and my hostess leaned over to fill it up, the wine now warm but most welcome.  I looked round to smile thanks to her but ended up smiling straight at her boobs.  My face flamed again.  This was excruciating.  

That glass of wine lasted about three seconds.  She topped it up again, this time I remembered to lift my head up and keep my eyes above neck level.  Another couple of glasses and my neck started to lose it's stiffness and I regained the ability to turn my head.  Still being very conscious of not looking at anything below the chin, I managed to look around, smile at a few people, even hold a conversation.  

Yes, I was enjoying my sauna, thank you.  No I haven't been to one before.  No we don't have saunas in our houses in England.  No it's not too hot, thank you.  It's quite a good temperature.

I was starting to relax, my face even managed a genuine smile or two.  This wasn't so bad.  The constant throwing of water onto the stones creating steam was rather nice, the wine didn't even taste too bad warm.

Feeling pleased with myself I leant back and closed my eyes, letting the steam and heat wash over me, feeling all pleased with myself, cosmopolitan even.  

-look at me being all cool about being naked amongst strangers.

Someone called my name.  I opened my eyes to see a switch of birch leaves being thrust into my face.

'Now you must hit yourself with this.' my hostess said holding it out.  'It is very good for the circulation.'

There is quite possibly still a slightly sticky patch on that wall where I spat my wine out in shock before beating a hasty retreat to the sound of raucous laughter.

Turns out they'd been having bets on how long I would last.


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