Our Evolving Language

>> Mar 24, 2010

It's funny how language changes, isn't it?  The way it evolves and words take on new meanings.

When I was a kid, back in the 80's, pop was a fizzy drink.  It usually came in a glass bottle from the milk man and you got 10p back for your bottle.

A muffin was made of bread and usually came with chips in.  These days of course it's more likely to come with chocolate chips.

And a mobile was something that hung over a babies cot instead of the mini computers we slip into our pockets.  Back then a computer was an enormous, heavy, beige thing that worked on Dos, ha, remember Dos?

And windows, well, they were the things you looked out of, assuming they were clean enough.

And clean, do you remember clean?

Clean used to mean that you could eat your dinner off the floor and not a mote of dust lay around your house - these days clean means only that things aren't covered in mud and the majority of the dust and crud is hidden under the sofa.

Funny how words change, eh?

Photo Credits:
Fizzy Pop - kirbyandWest
Muffins - ejhogbin on Flickr
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