Please Don't Nominate Me For A MADS Awards

>> Mar 29, 2010

The MADS, in case you haven't heard, is an new awards scheme for UK (living in or expatriated from) mum and dad blogs.

The idea being that blogs are nominated by readers for various categories and the winners get some goodies - they have some fab sponsors, go over and have a look.

I do think it's a good idea, a great way to give some recognition to some great blogs out there, many very deserving of an award or two, however I don't want you to nominate me or vote for me in anyway.


Because I would much rather you voted for these blogs instead, bloggers I think are much more deserving than I for these awards.

These are the blogs I will be nominating, if you were thinking of nominating me, please use that nomination towards these blogs instead.

Thank you.

Blogger Of The Year
Vegemitevix is a clear winner.

Her blog looks the business, her writting is engaging, funny, insightful and thought provoking.  She has never, to my knowledge, written a 'I don''t know what to write about today' or a 'sorry I haven't been blogging' post, instead her blog is full of interesting well written post after interesting well written post and she's a commenter too, she replies to comments you leave and she leaves them in abundance on other blogs.

But Vix goes way beyond what you read on her blog. She is friendly and chatty on Twitter, she is generous with her time and help.  A genuine, warm person who has helped so many people.  She wouldn't tell you herself but she has been giving me a lot of help and advice on my new website and has been setting up a new blog and sorting out code for another blogger from the kindness of her heart.

A true community blogger who deserves your vote.  If you vote for no-one else form my list, please vote for Vix.  

Best MAD Blog Writer
Steve from Bloggertropolis.  Steve isn't a dad blogger as such, he doesn't blog about his kids but sod all the rules and laws, he's a dad, he's a blogger and a he's bloody brilliant writer.  In my book he deserves to win this title.

I love this blog, if you don't read it you are missing out.  Well written and witty, Steve is another blogger that doesn't make excuses about his lack or blogging, or any of that nonsense, he simply writes excellent posts that have me giggling or pondering things.  Quite often both at the same time, which is no small feat.

Read him, subscribe to him and go and bloody nominate him.

Best MAD Blog Photography
Mrs W's Clinicaly Fed Up.  Amazing photography, witty writing, and one of those bloggers that you would just love to meet in real life and get pissed  while away an evening with chatting about nothing.

Mrs W is also another blogger very generous with her time and has been known to fix up other peoples photos for free, and is full of sage no nonsense advice in comments.

Go and visit her, add her to your reader and if you are nominating a best photography blog, make it this one.

Most Inspirational MAD Blog
Paula from Battling On inspires me in so many ways.  Her writing is excellent, well thought out, thought provoking and witty.  The topics of her posts often have me thinking for days.  She is chatty and engaging, another blogger you are likely to see in the comments sections of lots of blogs, she is generous with her blogging time and friendship.

When I first saw Paula's tweets on Twitter I assumed she must know the people she was talking with really well and felt like a bit of an outsider, but she isn't like that at all - or rather she is, but with everyone!  She will include you in the conversation, share jokes, stories and offer support.

If you don't read this blog, if you don't chat with her on Twitter, you really are missing out.  Go and nominate her, please?

Funniest MAD Blog
Gooner Jamie's blog The Life And Times Of A House Husband is possibly the funniest blog I read.  

He is a master of the clever turn of phrase and has a brilliant quick wit which has me chuckling all the way through his posts.  I defy you to read his posts and not want to take him out for a pint.  You just know that he would be a great drinking partner. 

Nominate him for Funniest MAD blog - he really does deserve it!

n.b having just gone back to MADs to nominate blogs, I realised there were even more categories.

I haven't the time (really must be getting on now) to write a full blurb and picture for each blog but the ones I am nomiating are:

Most innovative - All that comes with it for his wonderful podcasts and videos.
Best for Family fun - A mother's Ramblings - good, clean family fun.
Best Looking - A place of my own - I love this clean and simple design.
Best Baby Blogger - Muddling along mummy - another excellent blog.
Best New Blog - Eggs, cream and honey - well written and funny with gorgeous recipes.

Please consider all these blogs when making your own nominations - they are definitely worth it.

Some more Great Blogs You Should Be Reading:

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