A 'Teach Us Something' Vlogging Carnival

>> Mar 15, 2010

I know you have all been on the edge of your seats in anticipation for these amazing Just Vlog It videos.  I shall keep you waiting no more.  For you vewing pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, I give you March's entries** for the Just Vlog It challenge of 'teach us something'.


Victoria's son teaches us how to be Caterpillars And Butterflies over on It's A Small World After All

Mari wants us to Let Me Teach You To Accessorize in this hilarious video over at Maris's World

Susie from New Lesson New Day teaches us how to cook quinoa which looks really yummy - and you should see her kitchen, it's huge!  Jealous? Moi?  Well, yeah, actually.

Aly Bean teaches us how to make a flower from a tomato and also how to make a mess of your jeans whilst making a flower out of a tomato.  Maybe we should have given her extra points for teaching us more than one thing?

Dara from Readily A Parent has her 3 year old teach us not just how to dance like a princess but how to first dress mummy like one, in her wedding nightgown, no less!

Kelly from a place of my own teaches us how hard it is to make her little boy, Piran, laugh.  That's one tough customer, there.

Bubbles from Sweet Craftiness shows us how to make a lovely paper flower which is almost as gorgeous as she is.  She really is lovely!

Emma from Me, the Man & The Baby makes a cake in cup which enthralled my daughter who wanted to go and make one straight away.

Erica from Little Mummy demonstrates how to ski badly.  She's the one about 3/4 of the way up the slope on the right.  She doesn't look that bad to me, I've seen far worse.  But then I did used to be a ski rep and have spent many an hour trying not to laugh hysterically at really bad skiers.  Compared to them, Erica is a natural!

Jen from Autism, the King And I blew me away with this video of her autistic sons picture communication system.  What an amazingly simple but brilliant thing it is!

The winner of this months Just Vlog It challenge was Young And Younger with this inspired video, Young And Younger Does Big Brother

Cystal Jigsaw shows off her lovely dogs and daughter in the video Begging Barkers

Vic from Glowstars had me laughing out loud with her brilliant strip tease.

Baby G, with a little help from Claire at Cheshire Mum, shows us how to hold a baby in the Tiger In The Tree hold to help with colic and unsettled babies.  Something I had to do a lot of with my first!

Victoria from It's A Small world After All evilly took advantage of the fact that we hadn't thought anyone would want to enter twice (which you can by the way - we made a split second decision that it's fine) and sent us a wonderful video of her teaching us how to count to ten in Japanese.

This months runner up video was the mind blowing t-shirt folding trick from Pippa at A Mothers Ramblings

Jendi from simple vlogging tips, a mine of vlogging information by the way, sent us this very interesting video about getting more attention for your video

The very watch-able Dotterel made a delicious looking chicken dish with no name over on Bringing Up Charlie.

Another wonderfully watch-able blogger was Iota from Not Wrong Just Different as she held us enthralled whilst brandish a large dildo looking contraption and making juice that hopeful tasted a lot better that it looked.

Susie from New Day New Lesson also snuck in a second video which had both me and Karin laughing along as superwoman folds the laundry.  Watch out for that superwomen spin towards the end, it made my day!

Scraping in on the deadline with seconds to spare, came Vegemitevix teaching us how to speak Kiwi.  What ever you do, don't call her Australian!

And those, my dear friends, were our fabulous entries for this months Just Vlog It.  There shall be another one coming next month with even more wonderful prizes, and I can't wait to see what you vlog for us then!

** I spent ages agonising over how to order these videos.  Do I put them in order of which I liked best?  Put them in categories of what kind of thing they teach us?  Just randomly throw them into the post?  In the end I went for the order in which they were emailed to us.  Seemed as fair as any.  Next month we'll probably do it differently just to mix things up a bit.
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