Vagina Secrets, part deux

>> Mar 8, 2010

Ladies, have you ever had a good look around, you know *hushed voice* down there?

Ever got the mirror out and had a proper poke about?

I hadn't, and I rather wish I had.  Perhaps even taken photos of it -not to stick in the family photo album, or keep in my wallet you understand, but for scientific purposes- because it's all changed and I'm not really sure how much.

I have nothing to compare it too.

Since squeezing a couple of small people out of it I've noticed it felt a bit different, wasn't quite the same any more, so after some thought and making sure that everyone was out and the doors locked (my luck just runs the way that makes these things necessary) I got a mirror out and had a look.

And well, I'm not sure it's always been that way, you know, quite so, well, *hushed voice and embarrassed mumble* unclosed as it was.

Sure it's been stretched beyond imagination, twice.  Torn apart and stitched back together, twice.  But it was, well, a lot more, erm, ahem, open that I would have imagined.

Is this *looks around furtively biting lip* normal?

Do all mothers suffer from this, or am I some kind of freak?

I've never even seen someone else's -a couple of fumbles in the dark is the closest I've come- and so I'm not really sure what it should have looked like before the kids.

Are they standard looking things?

Should I go and buy some porn mags or type some inadvisable words into Google to find out?

Has two kids in two years changed mine so much?

Will it ever go back to the way it was?

Oh so many questions.  They never dicuss this in the parenting books, do they?

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