What's The Strangest Thing You've Seen This Week?

>> Mar 10, 2010

'... so if we go now we could be home in time for...'  I trailed off, my french fry dangling limply mid air as my husbands face creased into a smirk.

-What? I haven't said anything funny.  I scowled at him over my tray of burger and fries, what the hell's wrong with him?

I ate the chip and tried again. 'We can be home in time to pick the kids up and still...'

Great, he's laughing now.  What the hell?

He looked down at the table and mumbled something trying hard to stop smiling.  I could see him trying to get control of the muscles in his face and failing miserably.

What did I say?

I couldn't help myself, I was smiling along with him.

'What?  What are you laughing at?'

'Mumble mumble.'


'Mumble, mumble, gangsters, mumble.'

Honestly, I have better luck deciphering my daughter's Finglish at times.  Did he just say gangsters?


'We're being over taken by gangsters.'

He nodded his head in the direction of the door behind me and I turned around and had to bite my lip hard to stop myself from bursting out in laughter.

Slouched at the table by the door was a man with a bright orange perma tan, sporting a black bandana under his black cap, black bomber jacket zipped up to cover the bottom of his face and...you're never going to believe this...a gold medallion, hanging down the front on a thick gold chain, to match his large golden earrings.

This guy was at least 30.

And orange.  Did I mention how freakishly orange he was?

And the medallion?

In the middle of Kuusamo (the least gansta hood place you could ever imagine times a billion) on a Monday afternoon sat slouched with his 13 year old hommies, giving the attitude stare to everyone that walked passed.

I nearly peed my pants holding back the urge to point, laugh and then get my camera out.

There's nowt as queer as folk, eh?

What strange things have you seen this week?

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