When No-one Is Watching

>> Mar 30, 2010

1. Pick my nose - I know, I know...not nice.  but I do.

2. Drink another glass of wine or two.  After everyone has gone to bed I will have another one or two glasses just because I can and no-one is watching or judging.

3.  Look through people's bathroom cabinets.  I don't know, I have no idea why, it's not like any of it is interesting, I just do.

4.  Look at porn on the internet.  We aren't talking daily here, I'm not a closet porn addict, maybe two or three times a year, but I have been known to spend time browsing the sites - mostly squinting and turning my head from side to side and muttering things like, 'oh that can't be right.' and 'how does she get her legs up there like that?'

5.  Dance.  I am not immune to a little dance around my kitchen, but only when no-one is watching because...well...let's just say that my dancing is so bad, I'd rather people caught me doing #4.

6.  Pose and make sexy faces in the mirror.  Admittedly this isn't something I have much time or patience for these days, but I can recall hours of my life spent posing and practising sultry looks in the mirror.  Usually whilst holding my hair up in a sexy chignon.

7.  Scratch my arse by sticking my hand down the back of my pants.

8.  Lick the mixing bowl (after baking, not just in general).  I don't mean by running a finger around it, I mean actually sticking my head in a giving the bowl a lick.

9.  Talk to myself.  Not just muttering under my breath but full blown conversations. I have been known to have arguments with myself as well.

10.  Nothing.  Hours and hours of nothing.  And then run around like a blue arsed fly in the last hour doing everything so it looks like I have been really busy.

What about you, what do you do when no-one is watching?

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