Are The Brits Up Themselves?

>> Apr 18, 2010

Sorting through the Secret Post Club information this morning, making sure that everything is in good order, I started to notice a pattern emerging.

With the exception of a couple of people, everybody that sent in their address from outside Britain had put their country in the address, like I asked.  At least 80% of those that live in Britain didn't, despite me asking.

What does that say about us Brits?

That we assume everybody in the world knows where Reading or Preston are*?

That we are so unworldly wise, despite out constant finger pointing at the Americans for being just that, that we don't realise others in the world neither know nor care where these places are.

That we assume it's only right that those wanting to post to us should be made to find out where we live**?  And then complain when our parcels never arrive or arrive late?

Is it true what they say about us?  Are we Brits rather up our own behinds?

None Brits, is this something you have noticed about us?

*Two places picked completely at random from my brain and no indication of who left their country off their address, ahem.

** Incidentally, I had a least 2 people contact me this month to say that UK was registering as the Ukraine in their postal systems and they wanted to check whether the recipient really lived in the Ukraine or not.
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