Are You A Bitch?

>> Apr 13, 2010

I am.

I try not to be, in public anyway, but secretly I am.

Nothing gets my goat more than those that bitch about everyone and everything.  Always moaning, nothing is ever good enough.  You know who I mean, everyone knows people like that.  And I tried so hard not to be that person, I try so hard to see the good in everyone, to be open minded and optimistic.

At least on the outside.

But sometimes...  Well sometimes that's just not possible.

Sometimes people piss you off so much you NEED to scream and shout and have a good old whinge that is more than just an internal monologue and the occasional uttering to oneself.

I had a day like that this week.  I was talking to a friend on chat, and it all just came pouring out.  Once I started I couldn't stop.

-Oh and another thing.

-And do you know what else

-And did you hear what she said about...

More and more of it spewed forth until, all of a sudden, I realised that other person had stopped chatting back.

The little cursor was flashing at me as I stared at the screen, mocking me, laughing at me, chiding me.  My heart dropped.  Had I just made a colossal mistake?

Had I just outed myself as a bitch to a new friend.  To someone that I admire greatly and am building a fledgling, tentative friendship with.

Have I let myself go a little too much?

And then, gasp, another thought.  Had I said the wrong thing about the wrong person?

I did a quick check in my head, trying to remember how well they knew each other, whether this new friend might be, at that very moment, copying and pasting her chat window into an email to her friend.

My heart was hammering, my hands shaking a little now as I changed the subject, tried to get the conversation going again.

Still nothing.


And then...finally.

-sorry about that, just nipped to the loo.  Are you still there? came her reply.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

So my dear new friend, if you are reading this, I'm sorry to say that you've saddled yourself with a bitch as a friend.  Can you live with that or would you like to rescind your friendship offer?

I do hope not, because having someone you know you can trust to bitch to sure makes life easier.

What about you, are you a bitch too?
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