Are you Secretive About Your Blog Stats?

>> Apr 10, 2010

Last night, chatting with @ReadilyAParent @The_Moiderer @swhittle @eggscreamhoney and @BumblingTweets on twitter about pimping blog posts from Twitter, we shared our blog visit numbers for last month and the % that come from Twitter.

It was very interesting, some people getting 22% of their visitors from Twitter, and others like me, getting around 9%.

But the divulging of stats like that, in such an open arena, made me feel nervous.  So nervous that I quickly steered my end of the conversation to more base subjects like the amount of people that had come here from Google looking for sodomy vlogs or 'standing around naked parties'.

I felt like I had done something wrong.  As though I'd broken some cardinal rule of blogging.  Stats are such closely guarded secrets, maybe there is a reason for it I don't yet understand.  Maybe something terrible is going to happen to me and my blog now that I told Twitter (or the five people that were reading at the time) how many monthly visits I got in the last month.


Or maybe not.

I'm thinking probably not.

So why do we feel this way?  What is the reason behind keeping our blog stats a secret?  Why don't we want anyone to know how many visits we do or don't get?

Is it because we think people will judge us?  Will stop reading our blog?  And if they did would it be because we get more than they think?  Less than they think?

Do we believe that people will somehow be able to 'steal' our readers if they know how many we have?

Do we secretly want people to think there are thousands upon thousands of people flocking to our blogs each month?

Do we even understand half the numbers and whattsits that we guard so well?  I know I don't.  What the hell is a bounce rate, anyway?

So having decided that I don't care if you know how many visit I get or how many of them were wearing pink undies at the time (Google analytics can tell you an awful lot about about your visitors) I figured I'd share mine with you.

Just in case you were interested.

We can use it as an experiment.

Right now I have 330 feedburner subscribers and 206 google followers (gah, I hate that word).  We can see if this dips dramatically after revealing my stats.  Those numbers aren't a secret by any means.  If you scroll to the bottom of my blog you'll see the number of feedburner subscribers down there on a little widget and the google followers (there it is again - can we not come up with a better word Google?) is in my sidebar.

Also at the bottom, for anyone that cares, is a sitemeter button.  Sitemeter is an open stats package which means that anyone can view it.  If you click that button you will get an up to the minute reading on how many people have been here today, where they came from, how long they stayed and what they had for breakfast.

Okay I might have made one of those up.


From the 10th March 2010 to 9th April 2010
Google Analytics.

Visits: 4,494
Absolute Unique Visitors: 1,730
Page Views: 10,336
Average Page Views: 2.3
Time On site: 2:32
Bounce Rate: 49.35%
New Visits: 29.06%

They came from 53 different countries: UK, USA, and Finland being the top three

I know that 30% came from feedburner, 10% came direct, 9% from Twitter, 5% from google search and 79 people came from my feedburner email feed.

The  majority of people coming from Google search come looking for Lapland porn in some form or another.

And now you know all that fairly useless info does it change your or my life at all?

*Waits for the apocolyptical meteor to hit her*

Whilst I'm sitting here waiting to be struck down by the blogging Gods, why not tell me what you think.  Why do we keep them a secret?  Does it matter if people know how many readers you have?

Feel free to share your own if you want to.

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