Do you have a thing?

>> Apr 14, 2010

Somebody asked me recently, what mine and my hubby's thing is.  You know, that one thing you both share an enjoyment of, that you do together.

Other than sex I mean.

Some people like to go for walks together, or watch a movie.

Some like to sail, cycle, or run.

Other share a love of photography, dance or the arts.

Hubby and I, well, we both quite like sleep, and, erm...  Well, that's it really.  We don't read the same kind of books, like the same music, movies or sports.

We have nothing.

I have spent the best part of the morning trying to come up with something, anything, and am failing miserably.

What about you, do you and your other half have a thing?  Is it important to have a thing?

Should I be worried or does it not matter?
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