Nature Photography Competition. Win 1000€

>> Apr 12, 2010

As some of you know, I have been busily working on a new website, a travel guide to Ruka and Kuusamo, my local area.

It is now up and running and as well as covering hotels, bars and restaurants in the area etc, I also talk about the things to do and see and write stories like

Taking my kids on The best Santa trip in Lapland.

How visiting the Nature Photography Center made me want to become a photographer.

Going to see the bears.  Yes we have bears in Lapland!  Yikes!

And today I have written about a very exciting nature photography competition that the city of Kuusamo is holding.  A competition that is open to everyone, worldwide, costs only €10 for 3 photos to enter, and whose grand prize is 1000€.

Come on over to Ruka & Kuusamo and have a look around.
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