Strange Things Emerging From The Ice

>> Apr 11, 2010

Spring, or melt, as I like to call it, isn't a clean time of the year.  As all the snow starts to melt down the remaining piles are covered in dirt and grime that has been hidden beneath the pristine whiteness for months.

The ground under the snow is little more that a bog as the water from the melted snow sits on it, the ground still to frozen to soak much of it away.

And things lost or hidden in the snow over the winter start to appear.  Hats and gloves, that welly, a million fag ends (grrrrr) and endless amounts of goat poo (our goat lives free on our farm).

And then this morning I noticed this, appearing out of the ice.  Something much treasured, whose loss caused tears and a sleepless night before it could be replaced.

My sons beloved 'tutti' or dummy, to the rest of us, frozen in the ice, just the rubber teat sticking out of the ice.

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