What Happens When the Snow Melts?

>> Apr 3, 2010

With over a meter of snow around our farm and a good 80cm on our rooves, what happens when it all starts to melt?

If you don't want to watch the video, there are some pictures below.

Hanging off the barn roof

Hanging off the roof above the front door

View from the front door

Snowed in?  Not for long.

The husband got an excuse to play with his tractor.  Like he needs an excuse.

Nearly there

View from the kitchen window.  

We can now get in and out of our house without the need of a helmet and climbing harness.  However, we still can't see out of our kitchen window.


It's going to be horrible when all this melts.

Hopefully it will happen in May when I am in the UK.

Snigger snigger.

****Exciting news. April's Just Vlog It theme and exciting prizes will be announced on Monday! Get your cameras ready!****

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