What Is Heaven?

>> Apr 16, 2010

Cleaning up horse poo a couple of days ago, I was having one of those imagined conversations with my daughter, you know the sort you have in your head, we all do that, don't we?

She was asking about heaven.  What is heaven?

And I was stumped.

As an athiest I find so much about religion difficult to get my head around.  Heaven is a prime example

Assuming, for the sake of this conversation, that there is such a place as heaven and that all who are reading this are going there, what is it like? Is it the same for everyone or does everyone get their own special heaven?

Is everybody that ever died, ever, in the whole world, in heaven? (or the ones that were good at least)  Isn't it going to be quite busy?  It must be quite a big place to fit all those people in, do we get a map?

Are there lots of areas, each a different kind of heaven, something to suit everyone, or is it all sitting around on clouds playing harps?

What is there to do in heaven? Because to be honest I need things to do.  Whether it writing, walking, reading, whatever, I'm not very good at just doing nothing.  Do they have the internet?

Or am I getting the wrong end of the stick enitrely?  When we die and transcend to heaven do we change and become something different, some sort of etheral spriit that enjoys just sort of floating around all day?

Is it a bit like taking drugs?  Being so high that sitting around on a cloud for the rest of eternity seems like the best thing ever?

Are there animals in heaven?

Will we recognise each other?

What will we look like?

Are there animals in heaven?

Is it written anywhere, in any holy books, what to expect when we get there?  Are there any explanations for it?

I'm completely serious, what is heaven?

And what did you or do you plan to tell your children when they start asking questions?
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